Monday, February 4, 2008

New masturbation skills

I have started doing something that is massively increasing the amount of pleasure I get from masturbating. I masturbated for about 6 hours yesterday and stopped without having an orgasm. The first time I tried this it took all the self-control that I could muster. Now today when I began masturbating I reached high levels of pleasure within seconds of starting to stroke my erect penis.

I will say that after hours and hours of masturbating I lose my erection more quickly when I stop stroking. Also when I finally allow myself to have an orgasm it is weaker than it would have been if I had my orgasm after, say, six hours of masturbating. Sometimes I have had my orgasm after about 6 hours, then I would masturbate again later maybe 15 minutes to an hour later. At that point it becomes harder to "edge". When I get close to orgasm I feel a stronger than usual urge to go over the edge. But if I have done 8 or 12 hours of masturbation without an orgasm I can maintain a high level of arousal and have no trouble staying near the edge. I know that the orgasm in the end will be weaker, but I feel like I get a greater total amount of pleasure.

So my most powerful orgasms are after about 5 or 6 hours of masturbation, but I'm willing to give that up for an entire weekend of masturbation pleasure.

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