Sunday, September 9, 2007

Linda O'Neil, where are you?

I have been a fan of Linda O'Neil since I first saw her on Lisa Boyle's website in 1997. I have been a member of her website off and on (mostly on) since it's beginning. I have collected 16,500 images of her, mostly from her website. I love her body. Her legs and butt are unmatched by any woman I have ever seen. No one as beautiful as Linda has put out as many nude and nearly nude photos as she did. Lucia Tovar comes closest, but I have only 9,000 photos of her. Also Linda seems to have an innocence or joy about her that is not quite there in Lucia. Lisa Boyle and Sung Hi Lee are also in the running but, but I don't think Lisa is as pretty as Linda and Sung Hi doesn't have enough nude photos for my taste. Sung Hi is only topless in about half of her photos.

Once in a while I will get tired of looking at Linda's photos and I go looking for another nude model. In my quest I have collected over 160,000 photos and in ten years of searching I still have not found anyone to knock Linda O'Neil out of first place in my book.

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